Dr. Erol ERGÜLER Kimdir ?

Dr. Erol Ergüler graduated from Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine in 1983 . He afterwards became a Nuclear Medicine Specialist in 1990. He applies diagnosis and treatments (Thyroid-goiter, radioactive iodine, and other radiopharmaceutical treatments radiosinovektomy) in the field of nuclear medicine in Hospital. He also applies Complementary - Integrative - Preventive medical treatments (acupuncture, hypnosis, ozone, homeopathy, magnetoterapi, BIT, meditation ...) in his own Acupuncture Center.

Although treatments like acupuncture, hypnosis, and ozone are perceived as a popular treatment method for only weight loss and smoking cessation, are in fact integrative medicine methods applied succesfuly for many other diseases as listed in World Health Organization-WHO and the American Institute of Health NIH-CAD/CAM


Dr. Ergüler, upon observing the great adverse effect of the stress on almost all of the patients during Thyroid-Goiter treatment sessions, he focused on stress management to minimize the harmful effects of stress. In addition to the classic treatment of patients with thyroid-goiter, in this process, he integrated complementary medicine treatment methods and began to see the success of therapy significantly increased the weight given to work on this issue.

He observed that during a treatment, considering not only the changes in the body (symptoms) but also patients body-mind-intellect integrity brings great benefits. Instead of using the symptoms of the disease for a treatment, taking them as a result and treating the impaired body balance of the body to lead the nature of body itself using its power for treatment, is resulted in body realizing the symptoms of the actual treatment. Of course, it is important to make the correct diagnos in the case of a breakdown of a balance. A detailed history of the patient should rest primarily the story of the diagnosis. Besides the classic examination and laboratory tests, measurement of the meridians (electroacupuncture and ear detection, Ryodoraku, electro-segmental measurements), pulse diagnosis, tongue and iridolojik examinations make the diagnosis more accurate and provides a better path for the doctor for diagnosis. Thus, reveal the correct and effective treatment options.

Dr. Ergüler observed, especially in the biggest disaster of 1999 Golcuk earthquake in Turkey, when he was the District Health Coordinator of the earthquake on behalf of IFRC-International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent and Red Crescent, how quickly and effectively these methods brings great benefis to the treatment.

Dr. Ergüler has developed a Conscious Awareness Program and continues to give individual and institutional training (stress management, motivation, creativity, team-family integrity, concentration). Dr. Ergler is also involved in training physicians in the field of Complementary - Integrative - Preventive Medicine: Hypnosis trainer, trainer of ozone therapy, and elektrohomeopati Biyorezonans.

Being the former Founding President of the Institute of Complementary Medicine Association, he regularly participates in seminars of Turkey and the European conventions in the field of Complementary Medicine. In many national and international Congress of acupuncture, hypnosis, Ozone, BIT and other related Complementary Medicine, he is actively involved in the organization management committee and also participates as a speaker.

Dr. Ergüler, is a mediator and arbitrator certified by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) and continues his studies  at Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration.


Conscious Awareness Training Programs for Individual and institutions.
Complementary-Integrative medicine methods training for medical doctors.


Medical doctors can participate in trainings. Participants from every country is accepted. Language of instruction is in Turkish and English. Besides doctors who want can bring an interpreter.
Trainings are held in 1-week periods. Theoretical lessons in the morning and practice in the afternoon will be made. Education and accommodation localization is in the tourist center of Istanbul.

HYPNOSIS: basic, intermediate, advanced

ACUPUNCTURE: basic, intermediate, advanced

OZONE: basic, intermediate, advanced

Homeopathy-ELEKTROHOMEOPATY: basic, intermediate, advanced

BIYOREZONANS, B.I.T.: basic, intermediate, advanced

CONSCIOUS AWARENESS: basic, intermediate, advanced

Weekly tuition fee and the hotel for details please write to info@erolerguler.com